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“Working together and tackling issues as they arise gives us a stronger chance for positive results”

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Seeking the same solutions to challenges, over and over again with little or no positive results is the proverbial hamster on the wheel. The theme of raising taxes over the last few years also has not had the much sought-after result of making necessary improvements to our Borough. Small town America is a vital asset to our society and we are failing in Stroudsburg. It is time for new ideas and the historically successful process of government working closely with the private sector to formulate constructive policies that improve our economy thereby enhancing our quality of life.

As a Monroe County resident for twenty-eight years, the last four in Stroudsburg Borough, I have experienced rising taxes resulting in little to no improvements. An active member of the Monroe County community I am privy to the many concerns of our residents. Vacant lots sit empty as well as store-fronts resulting in a loss of tax revenue that would ease the burden of residents. Our sidewalks are crumbling and there is a lack of affordable housing for young and elderly alike. Jobs are limited and properties are blighted and ordinances are not enforced.

As your Mayor, I will combine my strong communication skills, work experience, and community involvement to exactly determine our challenges. I will build upon this by strengthening existing relationships and forming open and transparent partnerships with businesses and residents. Together we will create and implement programs that will foster an environment in which we can live, work and play in economic security and safety. Working with all community leaders and listening, truly listening to the concerns of all residents, business owners, landlords, and tenants is the only direction and the right way to get things done. Our borough council, your mayor, and our whole community will work as a team. I can deliver the much-needed focus to bring together the many groups that comprise our neighborhood to work towards and accomplish our goals.

I pledge to:

*Have open and transparent communication with our citizens

*Enhance existing and form new, strong partnerships to create an economically sound community

*Solicit new business and investors to help ease our tax burden

*Ensure that codes and ordinances are fairly enforced

*To seek all available grant monies to assist with community projects and sidewalk and road maintenance.


Kerri Manning Freeo is a longtime resident of Monroe County living these last four years in the Borough of Stroudsburg.

Currently employed as a Sales and Marketing Manager for KMB Plumbing, Electrical and HVAC has provided Kerri with a unique insight into the needs and challenges of our community fostering many ideas about how to make the place we call home into a healthy forum in which to live, work and play. Prior to joining the team at KMB Kerri employed her skills as a Station Manager for the ever-popular Pocono 96.7 radio station. She was a Marketing/Merchandising Representative with Procter and Gamble, Mattel, and Time Media Group, and has a 20-year employment history with Fidelifacts Metropolitan Inc., a Private Investigation company specializing in background checks.

Ms. Manning-Freeo is a volunteer extraordinaire-serving both Monroe and Pike County communities. As a volunteer for Special Olympics for seventeen years, she served as Coach, Volunteer Coordinator, Fundraising Chairperson, and Program County Manager from 2013-2017. Kerri has served on the Board of the Bushkill Youth Association and is currently the interim Treasurer as the program is re-organizing. She received the Volunteer of the Year award for Monroe and Pike Counties by State Representative Rosemary Brown in 2015 and in 2014 was recognized and received the Special Olympics Pennsylvania Program of the Year Award for her hard work and dedication on behalf of Monroe County Special Olympics Pennsylvania. As a member of the team of the Gary in the Morning Show, Kerri shared in the 2019 Frank Scholech Community Commitment Award presented by the Greater Pocono Chamber of Commerce for outstanding work in the community.

Kerri resides in Stroudsburg Borough with her son, Trevor, and her daughter Nicole and in addition to her full-time job, she continues to volunteer to make our community a better place.

Kerri Manning-Freeo is running for Mayor of Stroudsburg to apply her experience and knowledge for the betterment of the businesses and residents of the Borough.


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Thank you!

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